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IP address

To access the router admin page enter Go to your browser's URL bar or click the box below.

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1. How to log in ?

Follow these simple steps to login to your Router with IP address.

    1. Open a web browser and go to or in your browser's URL bar.

    2. A login page will appear asking you to enter your login username and password.

    3. Enter username and password in the specified fields.

    4. You will now login to your router's Admin Panel.

2. What is this IP address ? is the local IP address, private or port is the address of your router that the computer devices connected to the network will use to send data requests over the internet can also be referred to as LAN IP, intranet IP, private network IP. Your router also has a public IP address. The public IP address is used by your ISP and any website you visit, to get the information of the website you visit, to your router, to your router when sending that data, back to your desktop, via the private IP address.

Routers can use multiple IPs as login addresses, but is one of the popular addresses. It should be noted that the default IP access address is different for different router brands and users are generally allowed to modify the default address

Many people can't find the internal network WIFI wireless router login method. You can try clicking the link: login admin interface. If you cannot connect, you can refer to our router management login article. If you forgot your username and password, please see your router's instructions or label

Compared to public IP address, private IP private is free and IP address resource is saved, suitable for use in local network. Private IP cannot be accessed directly by the Internet, so it is more secure than a public IP address. Private IP is commonly used in homes, schools and corporate LANs.

Devices in the LAN (eg computers, mobile phones, Internet TVs, etc.) use private IPs and connect to the external network through a router. The router has both internal network IP and external network IP, acting as an intermediary bridge. You can access the router management interface through the local network address to make related settings. For details, refer to the manuals of different routers.

Common IP Addresses